Sambal Evie, Cash Only Collective

Sambal Evie, Cash Only Collective


Sambal Evie is a unique edible expression of LA-based Cash Only Collective's Mother Evie Sambal. Open the jar and enter Evie's experience growing up in Medan and recreate her flavor memories with LA's plethora of bounty. Sambal is a ubiquitous staple found on every Indonesian table. Tangy, sweet and spicy, Sambal Evie reflects flavors deeply tied to both LA and Indonesia, satisfying that insatiable crave for spice and umami, complimented by the funk of belacan (shrimp paste). Medium spice level.

Ingredients: Red bell peppers, grapeseed oil, shallots, Fresno peppers, lemongrass, habanero peppers, sugar, lime juice, sea salt, belacan powder (shrimp, rice flour, salt, water), makrut lime leaves, apple cider vinegar, gochugaru chili flakes, lime zest, citric acid.

Size: 9 oz

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